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Help me, please.

Hi, I've been searching high and low for 3-nen B-gumi Kinpachi Sensei 7 episodes with english subs - but I failed. Can someone tell me where I can get them? Your help is very much appreciated. By the way, I don't know how I should tag this. Haha. Sorry about that.
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you can download it from youtube
and just type "kinpanshi sensei 7"
all the part already have the subt^^
Thanks for your help.
I've tried youtube, veoh and crunchyroll.
There were some subbed episodes of Kinpachi Sensei 7 but some parts were missing.
But really, thanks for your help again. :D
are you sure??
you know i download all part from youtube
and all parts are there and have the subb
and from youtube you can download the special part too^^
Yes, I've just checked a few minutes ago. If you don't mind, could you give me the link? The subbed ones I know from youtube are warubozu47 and eguano2 - these are the ones with missing parts.
ok what part??
Like part 6 of episode 1. Part 4/5/6 of episode 2 and so on.

Hey, kame_hikaru, if it's not too much of a hassle, do you mind sending the subbed version of Kinpachi Sensei 7 that you downloaded to me? I badly want to watch this drama. I've been searching non-stop for this drama for probably 1 week already. Do you mind? I mean, I won't force you if you don't want to.
that's ok
but would you wait 'til 21 Dec??
'cause i can open freely from that day....
Yeah, sure. I don't mind waiting 'til 21st Dec.
Thank you very much! :D
Hey kame_hikaru. It's the 21st. I was wondering if you can send me Kinpachi Sensei episodes with English subs?